How Drug Tests Work

Drug Abuse

Drug use is now considered a national problem in America. Slightly over 9 % of American abuse drugs. The commonly abused drugs are Marijuana also referred to as Weed, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy drugs and performance enhancing drugs. The use of drugs affects the performance of an individual either at work, home or when in public places.

Drug Tests

To minimize incidents caused by abuse of drugs, authority bodies, employers and parents carry out drug tests. The drug tests determine the presence or absence of the parent drug or its metabolites. The most common drug specimens used in theses test are urine and breadth.The urine test is known as urinalysis while the breadth test is referred to as the breathalyzer.

Other tests that are approved by the government test using hair, blood and oral fluids or saliva samples. The main advantage of urinalysis and breathalyzer test is that the results are fast and inexpensive to administer. The tests cannot however tell when the drug was taken. They will only show whether the owner of the sample has recently used drugs or not and that’show drug tests work.

Drug test results

It is important to note that even though the drug itself may be absent in the sample, the presence of its metabolites will result in a positive test. A metabolite is a byproduct of a substance after it has undergone the metabolism processing of the body. The detection periods for commonly abused drugs are as follows:

  • Alcohol: 6 to 24 hours in blood or up to 80 hours if its metabolite ethyl glucuronide is tested for. A hair test will give positive results for up to 2 days and 12 to 24 hours in a blood test.
  • Weed: In urine, about 22 minutes for passive inhalation, 7 to 10 days for average users and up to 30 days for heavy users. In hair up to 90 days while in blood 2 to three days for average users and 2 weeks for heavy users.
  • Ecstasy: 3 to 4 days in urine, up to 90 days in hair and 3 t0 4 days in blood samples.
  • Cocaine: 2 to 5 days in urine for average users, up to 10 days for heavy users and those with certain kidney disorders. In hair samples up to 90 days and 2 to 10 days in blood samples.

The following kits can be used for a urine or Hair drug test:

  • Uscreen
  • HairConfirm

US-Dip-Card  Uscreen

It can test for 10 drugs in a urine sample. These are detect the presence of the following drugs in urine: Amphetamine (AMP), Cocaine(COC), Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine(mAMP), Opiate (OPI), Methadone( MTD) and Ecstasy(MDMA), Buprenorphine(BUP), Oxycodone(OXY) and Benzodiazepine (BZO). This product can also be used to check if the urine sample has been altered.



This product can confirm the absence or presence of 7 drugs: methamphetamines, marijuana, opiates, ecstasy, cocaine, amphetamines and PCP.




Drug test are meant to establish whether a user has recently used drugs. There can be false positives at times. A combination of tests can be used when in doubt. What is important to note is that this test will not just test for the presence of the drug only. They also test for the presence of the drug metabolites in the urine, breadth, hair or blood sample as stated in

How To Pass A Drug Test

Drug addiction have become a mainstay in our present day world. It is impossible to overlook its effects because of the various dangers it is introducing into the family and society at large. It is an intimidating and scary problem. Its effects are complex as it tears down an individual physically and psychologically.

Drug addiction has no boundaries and does not need to pick its victims. People from all walks of life are reeling under its power. It does not differentiate between the rich and the poor. Many employers are held under its power, as well as employees. It is possible that a drug test would be demanded from you in the event of an occasion or the other. You need not worry about how to avoid been caught. In this article you will be learning how to pass a drug test.

The first thing you should endeavor to do is to avoid it if possible. But if it is not then, prepare yourself for the test by trying to abstain from the drugs. This is dependent on the event that you have been notified earlier. In this case, if you are going for a urine test, you can either choose to provide a sample of your urine which you did when clean. If this is impossible, you can leverage on your relationship with family or friends who are clean to freely provide you with a sample. One problem with this trick is how to maintain the right temperature for your sample.

In the case of a blood or saliva test, if you are a recent user it would be better if you can delay the test as this will afford your body the opportunity to eliminate the traces of the drug. For the saliva test, when given the swab to collect your saliva. Try not to use it as instructed but covertly slid the swab in between your teeth. This would require your intelligence to beat, but if you can successfully do so, the test will be negative.

In the case of a blood test, it is practically impossible to fake if it is the test you will be undertaking. Your blood sample will be taken from you on the spot and taken to the laboratory for test without your input. It is effective in detecting whatever you took within 3 days.

In the case that you are prompted to take a hair test, you have no hiding place as a drug user because this test will simply expose whichever you have taken. So the best thing you can do is either to avoid it or to scrape off all hairs on your body. Note that if they cannot find your head hair, they could make use of your body hair. So simply scrape off all your body and head hair. By doing this you could probably narrow down the choice of tests which they can impose on you

How to pass a drug test is not actually an easy task, your best bet is to avoid it You can decide to canvass for your rights or doctor the samples through one way or the other.

How to Pass a Drug test When you smoke Marijuana

Drug testing in the real world is done for several purposes. For instance, in the sporting activities such as athletics, boxing, football and other activities, its also done as a requisite for employment. additionally, at family level when parents want to end continued suspicion over the usage of drugs by their son or daughter.

Whichever the situation, passing the drug test is very important. Failure to pass the test may have some life consequences; in sporting, one may be bundle out of the event and banned from participating for a given period; in the employment field, its automatic that one may not be considered for the position intended; and at family level, there are high chances of being sent to a rehabilitation center for some considerable time until the behavior is averted.

For addict marijuana users, it might be a bit difficult to evade the urinalysis punishment, this is because marijuana stays in the system up to thirty days unlike other drugs like meth and cokehead which only show in the urinalysis within seventy two hours of use Despite that, real life has it that to get other things on, then users of marijuana have to device or know ways of passing the drug test. Some of the ways that may help one pass a drug test when they smoke marijuana are as follows;

a) washing yourself out and being clean The drug test is usually taken with urine as a test specimen. The urinalysis detects the drug metabolite contents within the urine. Increasing the content of fluid intake and passing it out often so as to dilute the concentration of the drug in the sample below the threshold of detection. Taking a lot of water in an hour or two before the test will help fill up the bladder with a lowly concentrated sample. To be on the safe side and avoiding any suspicion from the collectors, its important to take up to 100mg of vitamin

B-12 which will help to color the content of the sample. This is because taking a lot of water will tend to decolorise the fluid content in the bladder. b)Tampering with the sample Some people do take in marijuana, but they have got friends who do not use it therefore they are very clean. Therefore, with a well-organized strategy, one can substitute their dirty urine with clean one which they request and collect from friends before they get to the test. With this, a lot of care should be taken so that you find the most suitable way to hide it so that it goes unnoticed. It can be well enough if the clean samples are taken through lab procedures and the temperatures kept at the normal levels; around 91-97f. It cant make sense giving absolutely cold sample for testing!

c) Collecting the sample at the middle and end stream When you are collecting the sample, try not to collect the first drips. This is because the first drips have got high content of metabolites marijuana. Therefore it can be recommended that you let the first drips, hold, the collect the sample with the middle to end streams. The closer the end of the stream the lesser the concentration of the metabolites. This is also important given that you diluted your fluid and you had several urination before collecting the sample.

d) Use the Canberry juice. This is very useful for those users who have continuously used the drug until or a few days just before the test. Canberry juice is a natural diuretic which will help flush your body faster than when you use water alone.

e) Take diuretics. These are drugs, in simple, which will make you pee most often. This helps flush the concentration of marijuana metabolites from the body system. Examples of such are caffeine, glucose, alcohol and a vast range of herbal products.

Don’t fail a marijuana test and walk away with an excuse of ” a wrong positive!”